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Who invest in the ICO? Portrait of an investor

In order to conduct a successful ICO campaign, it is necessary to understand the target audience. In this case — the investor, his psychology, fears and behavior. As a result, you can make your website and advertising materials more interesting for visitors.

Western investor-check from 1500 to 5000 USD

In the course of one of the projects, we managed to create an image of the character-investor, which is constantly being finalized and today in the project work is completely different. This document is attached for clarity and understanding of the main factors in the decision.

Portrait of investor in ICO from Western countries

What you need to know about a Russian speaking investor to make a successful ROK for an ICO
We started on a survey of investors to better understand who these people are. You can also give your answers here. We will send you an updated document when we do the next analysis.

No. 1. What is the age of the investor?
You may have seen the discussion of ICO project marketers that the average age of an investor is 21-35 years or 30-45 years. Or that investors are people of any age and need to work with everyone.

Our data shows that 52% of investors are people between the ages of 25 and 34.

The average age of the investor in ICO

No. 2. Is it true that the main investor is an IT — specialist?
36% of investors are it specialists. 12% and 10% are marketers and private entrepreneurs respectively. It is interesting that people working in the banking sector, and analysts are not even in the top three — only 8% and 4%.


What investors do

Depends on whether the sum of the contribution from the profession?

Distribution of the Deposit amount depending on the profession

The biggest contribution – more than $10,000 — is ready to make just IT-specialists. Interestingly, to part with the $5000-9000 ready marketers, entrepreneurs, cryptosecurity others, but none of IT specialist — they play big.

It should be noted that 60% of IT-specialists are ready to invest in the project from $1000-5000, and only 20% — entrepreneurs and analysts. In summary, it is likely that the amount of the contribution depends on the type of activity.

No. 3. Golden mean
The chart below shows what percentage of investors are willing to part with a particular amount:

Most investors (32%) are willing to invest in the project from $100 to $499. For comparison, only 20% are willing to invest from $500 to $999. We can assume that the Golden mean is just $100-499, this amount can bring a good income, but it is not so sorry to lose.

No. 4. What are investors afraid of?
Of the surveyed 54% of investors are afraid of Scam (an investment tool that for any reason has ceased to fulfill its obligation to investors). Another 18% are afraid not to make money on the project and 10% — that the timing of the project and the implementation of obligations will be delayed.

What are investors afraid of in ICO?

No. 5. What can be done to minimize risks?
As noted by one Respondent — «pray «. To minimize the risks of their deposits, investors take the following actions:

What do investors do to minimize risks?

Team check. 32% of respondents noted that they check the project team, who these people are, how competent they are, their activity in social networks, successful experience in the past, etc.
Analysis of social and media channels. 30% study all social and media channels, what the audience writes about the project, what reviews and opinions, what activity and popularity of the project as a whole.
Analysis by own check-list. It is noteworthy that 24% of respondents have their own check-list, according to which they study the project comprehensively, and in our opinion this is the most correct approach.

«What really surprised us is 2% of respondents who said they care about product availability. To tell you the truth, we put in a much higher percentage.»

No. 6. The main purpose of investing in ICO projects is speculation?
Yes, Yes, and Yes again. Among the main reasons why investors invest in ICO-speculation (84%). Obviously, people want to make money fast. Nevertheless, 52% — for the support of the project.

The main purpose of investing in ICO

The data show that most investors are ready to invest in those projects that will bring some benefit, solve some global problem and thus bring profit to their depositor.

No. 7. The selection criteria of the project
We looked at the data and found several factors that influence the choice of the project:

ICO selection criteria for investment
1.Project idea (60%). Investors are looking for projects that solve the existing problem, combine innovation and prospects. It is not surprising that the idea of the project is so important, because the number of projects is growing every day, investors are all experienced and invest in the next «banana plantations» makes no sense — people want high-quality and meaningful projects.
2.Strong team (38%). The stronger the team, its experience and successful background, the higher the trust and success of the project as a whole.
3.Marketing / PR (30%). For investors, the «hype» is important, and the more advertising and conversations around the project, the higher the chance that money will be invested in the project.

ICO preparation and stages
In order to understand whether the project will be potentially interesting in the communities of crypto –currency investors, such as Bitcoin Talk, Reddit and others, a pre-announcement is made. This is the first, but very important stage of the ICO project.1. Pre-announcement is a small presentation that describes the goals and essence of the ICO project. This is a stage of feedback with potential investors to improve the product and adjust the business model of the project. At this stage, it is important to assemble a team, study competitors, register a company, describe a product based on an idea (White paper), launch a website and e-mail newsletter.
After passing the pre-announcement, the final business model of the project is accepted and an offer is made.2. Offer-a detailed proposal for the conclusion of the transaction, which contains the key conditions for potential inverters.

3. Marketing campaign.
Since most crowdfunding projects are products of little-known companies, professional ICO marketing is important at the stage of preparation for the launch of ICO. A competent PR strategy helps to find potential investors and promote the project on the market.

4. The holding of ICO.
The final stage of the ICO is considered to be the release of its own tokens or the use of existing platforms (Ethereum and Waves) and the start of the ICO.
Usually, a crowdfunding company announces the minimum amount of funds, upon reaching which the ICO is considered successful. After the successful completion of the ICO, the company fulfills its obligations to investors in accordance with the previously agreed conditions.

Competent ICO-marketing is the key to the success of the project.

ICO-marketing is a set of activities from the creation of a project promotion strategy to the model of its development. It includes ICO-positioning, website launch and e-mail distribution, PR-strategy, SMM-promotion, building communications (language, style, form) with the community and blogs, investors and users of the product.

What to do if you have only an idea of the project, but no idea how to implement it?

We offer you ICO-consulting. This service will help to properly position your project, evaluate competitors, prepare the necessary internal documentation, take into account legal and financial aspects, carry out technical implementation (from tokens to website development), develop a marketing strategy, properly allocate budgets, prepare the product for launch and support the project at all stages of ICO to achieve the project goals.

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